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David Maddy ( Dáithí O'Madaidh)

David is based in Fingal, (North County Dublin), about 10 mins drive north of  Dublin Airport.
His interest in the ancient history and culture of this Island is eclectic. From an early age he'd spend hours going through old maps, showing the surnames and tribal locations of all the Irish Clans. Gaelic place names and their stories,  were always a source of fascination to him, (much to the bewilderment of his family members!)  It was only many years later that David stumbled upon a name for this. In Gaelic its  called   Dinnseanchas —“ the ancient stories and lore of place, the foundation-stones both of personal and communal identity, and of moral obligations to the land and the tribe" (Sharon Blackie).
So, on your travels David hopes to give you a real sense of the spirit of the places visited along the way, weaving the stories and place names and local history together so you can enjoy the experience in its totality...
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